Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Antioxidants & Targeting Seniors, Babies and Obsesses/world congress on immunity ingredients

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Malta Immunity Ingredients Conference 2010


28th October 2010

Radisson SAS, Saint Julian, Malta


Final Programme


You have only 9 days to prepare and submit your abstract!!

 Dear Colleagues,

Please find here the final programme of the 2nd World Congress on Malta Immunity Ingredients 2010 which will be held in Saint Julian, Malta in October 28, 2010.
For more information about Malta Immunity Ingredients 2010, please don’t hesitate to contact us for and visit the official website
We look forward to welcoming you in Malta, Jewel of Mediterranean, in October.
Malta Immunity Ingredients Committee

2nd World Congress on
Malta Immunity Ingredients
Science, Market, Regulation & Industrial Applications
How to boost General & Skin Immunity?
Radisson SAS, Saint Julian, Malta
Thursday October 28th, 2010
8.30      Registration
9.00      Opening of the conference:  Immunity & oxidative stress: The challenges for the next          decade
            Pr M. Edeas, Chairman of the congress, President of ISANH
Session 1: Market
9.05      The Immunity Health Market
·         Presentation of the Market of Consumer Immunity
·         Factors driving the Immunity Market
·         Product Categories, Latest Trends and Evolutions of Sales
·         NPD Strategies and Regional Diversities
·         Communication Strategies to Stakeholders
·         Opportunities and Barriers for Businesses
Mrs K. Nielsen, CEO, Bio2com, Denmark
Session 2: Regulation
Regulation & Immunity Health claim: An analysis of successes and failures:
What makes a successful application?
9.35      Optimizing immune function: do we know what to measure and how to interpret?
Mr R. Albers, Nutrition & Health Discover Platform Director, Unilever Research & Development Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
10.05    Regulatory environment in the Europe Union
·         Regulatory framework
·         Issues addressed during evaluation of health claims
·         Guidance on substantiating the evidence of the beneficial effects of immunity boosters: How to undertake a good clinical study?
·         Guidance on submission of a dossier for health immunity claims evaluation
·         Learning points from published opinions
·         Examples of immunity health claims accepted by the EFSA
Dr Y. Sanz, Microbial Eco-physiology Group Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA), Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Spain
10.35 Coffee and Tea Break
Business to Business- Networking Session
Session 3: Science
How to boost general & skin immunity?
11.00 Oxidative stress and immunity: the potential role of antioxidants
·         Relationship between oxidative stress and immunity
·         Impact of antioxidants on the immune system
Pr M. Edeas, Chairman of the congress, President of ISANH, France
Immunity & Immunity system modulators: Application of natural ingredients:
Probiotics, Prebiotics & Antioxidants
11.30    Antioxidants and antioxidants Cofactors as boosters of immunity: the powerful of   polyphenols
·         Immunomodulatory effects of polyphenols
·         Effects of flavonoids in gastrointestinal disorders
Dr MP. Vinardell, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona, Spain
12.00 Discussion and Short oral presentations upon abstract submission: effects of antioxidants on immune health system
12.30 Lunch and Network Session
14.00    Perspectives on prebiotics and synbiotics: Applications for human health    improvement
·         Synbiotics:  Which prebiotic matches up best with probiotic strains to give the best health benefit? Which is the rate of bioavailabilty improvement that we can get using a symbiotic carrier?
Dr M. De Vrese, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food, Max Rubner Institute, Germany
14.30    New frontiers and perspectives in probiotics research
·         Probiotics and gastrointestinal disease: successes, problems and future prospects
·         Mechanism of action: probiotics and gastric health
·         The role of probiotics in allergic diseases
·         The power of the synergy of probiotic strains
·         Could probiosis offer a new generation of probiotics?
            Dr C. Hill, University College Cork, Ireland
Discussion: To boost general and skin immunity: Myth or reality?
Immunity Ingredients Innovation:
Strategies to target babies, seniors and obese
15.00    Early life nutrition and immune modulation: the role of oligosaccharides
Dr L. Knippels, Danone Research ? Centre for specialised Nutrition, The Netherlands
15.30 Coffee and Tea Break
Business to Business- Networking Session
16.00    Immunity, ageing and seniors: How to boost immunity of elderly people?
Dr E. Mengheri, INRAN ? National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition, Italy
16.30    Obesity, immunity and gut microbes: is there a rational for nutritional intervention?
Dr Y. Sanz, Microbial Eco-physiology Group Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA), Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Spain
Session 4: Industrial Applications
New sources of immunity ingredients
17.00    Short Oral presentations upon abstract submission: 6 minutes to convince
ISANH will invite all specialist involved in Research and Development, Formulation, Marketing and Commercialization of immunity health ingredients or products who are oriented to this health care sector to present their expertise in this area.
17.30    Discussion with the Scientific Committee and Speakers on:
Flu, influenza, common cold and immunity: The credibility of Natural Ingredients Uses
Is there a place for better ways to prevent and treat this pathology?
The aim of the discussion is to debate the relationship between a common cold, flu or influenza and the immune system deterioration. It will be the occasion to discuss the potential application of natural ingredients which can be used to modulate and enhance the immune system.
17.45    Malta Immunity Ingredients Awards
The Scientific Committee will select and award the most innovative project with new ingredients and/or products to enhance and boost immune system.
Step1: All files (scientific data, publications…) will be submitted to the Scientific Committee.
Step 2: A short oral presentation will be proposed introducing the “Innovation” will take place during the conference.
Step3: At the end of the congress, the scientific committee will decide the Winners, and will award the best innovative ingredient.
Moreover, a special award will be awarded for “Immunity Ingredients 2010″

Only ingredients and Products with high quality clinical study will be admitted.
For more information and file submission, please contact the scientific committee at
18.30 End of the conference
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